Alain Guillemain; Philosopher

PhD researcher of affect & discursivity – beauty in the complex – excursions into thought

Hello there, I’m Alain…

Philosopher, pragmatist, poet and challenger of convention.

I encourage those committed to life’s journey, offering philosophical musings for curious minds in complicated times. Practiced in simplifying the complex, I am not afraid to explore challenging topics with kindness and humility.

As a lifelong challenger of convention, I have learnt to be unafraid of interrogating topics that most would rather avoid. I promote compassionate dialogue around the personal challenges that afflict us all. By encouraging the sharing of a healthy range of perspectives, engaging in respectful conversations, and exercising profound thought, I bring the nuance of philosophical contemplation to daily dialogues.

A Mauritian Créole with ancestors from China, India, Africa, and France, I celebrate difference and embolden others to embrace their own uniqueness. I continually seek to amplify a diverse range of voices, perspectives and experiences. As an individual who is constantly evolving, I want to inspire others to have the confidence to examine their own inner experience, looking for ways to ease, improve and render peaceful one’s inner world, irrespective of society’s external influences.

I live the value of simplifying life’s complexities with a contemplative method every day. In conversation, in thought and in deeds – I share my approaches for navigating our complicated cultural landscape because I see a pressing need for this kind of reflection.
I am a keen supporter of events and community projects that develop shared understanding. All the while, I encourage a future that upholds uniqueness and personal sanity no matter the state of society or the world.